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Tuxedo / Suit Rental Checklist

1. Set The Date of the Event
  • While we can do last minute rentals, it is always better to come in as early as possible to ensure product availability and reserve your items.
2. Choose Your Tuxedo/Suit Style and Accessory Colors
  • Orders are submitted when a 50% deposit is made towards your order. The remainder is due at pickup.
  • Cancellations must be made at least two weeks prior for a full refund.
  • Style changes will incur additional fees and charges when made less than 2 weeks (14 days) before the event date ( provided your original items have not yet shipped). Any permissible changes that raise the price of the complete rental package will be charged in full at time of change.

3. Get Measured

  • While we measure you for your tuxedo/suit according to Jim’s Formal Wear standards, every style fits a body differently. So we schedule a fitting to ensure proper fit.

4. Tuxedos Arrive The Week Of Your Event

5. Come in For Your Fitting

  • It is imperative that you/ your party come in as soon as possible for their tuxedo/suit fitting. While we measure you for your tuxedo/suit, every style fits a body differently. So we schedule a fitting to ensure proper fit.
  • If items need to be adjusted, altered, or exchanged, we take care of it prior to your event.

6. Tuxedo Pick-Up

  • Ensure that you have all of your items and accessories when you leave the store. At time of rental pick up or delivery please allow adequate time to review and try on your rental to ensure accuracy and fit. Our total liability for any claim or litigation arising from or related to the rental garments is limited to the rental charges paid by customer.

7. Tuxedo/Suit Return

  • All Items are due back by Monday at close of business. If you do not return all items by Monday, you will incur a $50 per day late fee.
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