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Founded by entrepreneur Tonya Goff, Uncle Funky’s Daughter has entered the curly hair world with trails-a-blazing. The universe stuck its foot out and tripped Goff into the world of entrepreneurship when she was laid off after the Enron scandal sent shockwaves through Houston’s business community. Armed with little money and lots of creativity, Tonya opened Uncle Funky’s Daughter in November 2003.

Long before green was the new black, eco was friendly and it was cool to reuse, Uncle Funky’s Daughter Salon was offering sustainable, chemical-free hair care services to a blossoming curly hair market. The salon was quickly established as the best choice for curlies in Houston. While it is true that curly girls have more fun, with more fun comes more frizz. Challenged with finding all-natural products for their customers would that truly tame frizz and provide long-lasting defined curls, Tonya decided to develop Uncle Funky’s Daughter products for kinky and curly textures.

True to the belief that animal testing is so barbaric not even a cave man would do it, Tonya began testing and perfecting their products on eager curlies in mid-2007. By March 2008, the frizz fighting mission was complete and Uncle Funky’s Daughter products were born.

Paraben, sulfate and overall junk-free, Uncle Funky’s Daughter’s product line includes cleansers, conditioners, moisturizers, curl definers and stylers using renewable plant resources of aloe, coconut and olive as bases. The first product introduced was the wildly popular Curly Magic®. “We had daily requests from customers looking for a natural product to define, hold and elongate curls, Curly Magic® was the answer.” Wanting to satisfy every curl in the world, Extra Butter® was the second product launched for curlies with very dry, parched hair. It didn’t take long at all for Extra Butter® to join the ranks with Curly Magic® and soon after a complete line of products was launched.


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